I am pleased that you are interested in learning more about Hypnocounseling. This decision shows that you have decided to move towards greater joy, peacefulness and freedom within your life. My name is Sophia DiTanna B.A. M.c.h. and I am certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner. I would be grateful for the opportunity to contribute toward your personal journey.

Growing up in a home where my father practiced Hypnosis, I experienced it’s beneficial effects at a young age. Encountering this kind of therapy in a casual setting introduced me to the concept of mastering your thoughts, and imprinted on me early in life that someone can control their own reality rather than being subject to circumstance.

This practice was powerfully affirmed to me later in life, when after enduring a period of traumatic loss Hypnotherapy achieved healing and recovery in my own life. I believe in the positive outcomes of Hypnocounseling and I believe you too can use this practice to help better yourself.